Gifting a Creation

Sale price Price $150.00 Regular price

These gift cards never expire and can be used for any creature the recipient wishes, but the amount of the card will determine size, details, and materials. Below is a list of roughly what each gift card amount will cover.

 **Smaller sculptures (roughly 1-2ft tall) with minor detail will be covered with a $150 gift card. 

**Medium sized sculptures (roughly 3-4ft tall) with a fair amount of detail will be covered with a $250 gift card 

**Large Sculptures (roughly 5ft-6ft tall ) with a large amount of detail will likely be covered with a $500 gift card


PLEASE NOTE: I currently charge $28/hr for my time plus $20-$30 in materials. The amounts listed below are based on previous commissions I have completed in the past and are only rough estimates. These prices are subject to vary depending on the creations size, pose, detail, and materials used.