Monthly Memberships

Since I began my journey to create more sustainable art, I have created 13 large scale eco sculptures in various public parks and hundreds of smaller works for people to enjoy in their homes and gardens. These smaller works have momentarily allowed me to create art full time. However, I miss building secret, hard to find art in magical natural landscapes that people can just stumble upon unexpectedly. My art was always meant to live in the wild, and for each creature to be reclaimed by nature eventually. Sadly I haven't gotten to experience the full cycle envisioned for my art. And so, I am hoping to create this monthly donation option as a way to find supporters who want to help fund my time and materials to build natural secret art in wild untamed places with only nature's waste as my medium. 

These monthly memberships are on-going donations in order to help fund large-scale public projects in natural spaces. Each level comes with special "perks" Memberships can be be cancelled at anytime. 

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