Unikitty goes.. EVERYWHERE

We created many custom light up hoods for friends and decided that it was time to create a fun hood for Nickie to wear. It's very hard to decide on just ONE animal that embodies who you feel you are, so we decided to mesh 2 together; Unikitty won the day! We were inspired by a fabulous local artist named Jenn Brisson, who creates fantastic creatures and worlds in her artwork. Tyler had given me one of my favorite pieces of hers, and it hangs in our makery.  

(P.S., Jenn's art is really amazing and you should DEFINITELY check it out! http://jennbrisson.com/). As we sat lovingly gazing at this beautiful artwork, we decided that it would be super fun to create something that had a ton of color. I had recently been feeling super guilty about the massive amount of scrap faux fur that I had accumulated and decided that maybe THIS was the project I could use it on! I began pulling all the scrap pieces from the piles, mostly the most vibrant colors. I stitched piece after piece together until I had reasonable sizes of my very own patchwork faux fur. (I had done something similar with the earthy tones I had left over and It turned out to be a stunning patchwork kitty, (more on that in a later post :) ) Slowly it started to come to life

We added a fuzzy white horn, and an adorable patchwork tail, 

And of course.. LIGHTS!

We didn't wait long to wear this amazing creation. It has been on so many adventures that If I posted pictures of them all, you might be here a while, but a few of the highlights are:

A black light party called Electro Circus,

(Tyler's hood is a Polar Bear, it was also adventuring that night..:) )

It also helped us raise funds for our Interactive art project "The Ballsy Rocker " at a local fundraiser set up to help artists create Interactive art for the community.(A great event coming up again in February that you should check out if your interested in helping local artists make art. Tickets and info available at the link, https://www.facebook.com/events/1952133191692710/ )  Unikitty was very helpful that year, we were fully funded!

(Unikitty doing a great job of convincing people to help us make art!)

And of course Unikitty helped us sell our wareable art at a fantastic local costume/cosplay market..

. It has had a few repairs, and a few upgrades, (Our lights are now USB rechargeable so there is no bulky battery pack!!!)  It is a trusty standby for whenever magic and light is needed. 

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