The Prom meets Duct tape creations

As my birthday is nearing, I am reminded of one of my most favorite creations, a Duct tape dress, and matching vest, and top hat for Tyler. Why you say did I make a dress and a vest entirely out of duct tape? Well..... why not? But also, we were heading to a "Prom" themed party for my birthday and of course there was a contest for best dressed. I'm not sure why my brain went immediately to duct tape when thinking of prom, but let's just say my brain is very unusual. I began by cutting shapes for my dress out in fabric, just as I would if I were to have sewn it. Once the pieces were created, I decided on a color scheme. Purple is my favorite, and Tyler looks amazing in blue, so it was decided. I then applied large strips of duct tape to each piece of fabric until the whole piece was covered on one side with duct tape. I then used more strips of duct tape to "sew" the pieces together. 

This project was so easy, I contemplated doing all my future projects in Duct tape! (Obviously that idea didn't stick...ha.. pun intended.)

One thing to note, about wearing a duct tape dress... It's very warm, and sticky. BUT, if it starts to come apart, you can move pieces of tape around to "mend" it. This duct tape duo also holds a special place in my heart, as the night I wore this to prom, one of my favorite people in the whole world was born! Little Khenan, I changed into this dress in the hospital parking lot after meeting him for the first time. 

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You continue to amaze and bring me joy. You’re an inspiration. You’ve helped bring me out of my shell. Thank you and God bless you Nickie.


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