The Amazing Adventures of Our Creations

Welcome The Adventure of Our Creations!

We were exploring the vast array of creations that have been brought to life over the last 8 years, and were unsure where to start. Well, there is really only one place to start, at the beginning, with the little creature who inspired it all, and continues to do so everyday. Our resident Makery Kid; Finn. 

Finn had a thing for dragons when they were small, we attributed this to the fact that we read D&D novels every night before bed out-loud so that Finn could hear them in my belly. So it was inevitable that once they were old enough to begin trick or treating, that they would want to be a dragon! And thus the journey into costume making! 

At this time, I didn't own a sewing machine, or really have any idea of what I was doing. I had Finn lie on the fabric, arms outstretched, and traced their shape. I then cut out the whole piece and hand stitched it together. (Most of you will understand why this is ridiculous but for those of you who were like me and had never sewn anything that went onto a human body, it's important to note that patterns for things like sleeves and leg holes, generally require separate pieces to be stitched together for movement. ) So I put this ridiculous jumper on my poor child and they waddled around unable to move their arms or legs for about 20 minutes. Once I stopped laughing,I helped them out of it and started again. I then cut out over 1000 red fabric sales, painted them with glitter glue, and HOT GLUED them on. This costume weighs at least 5 lbs!  I then constructed the head out of cardboard and fabric. 

The last bit was the wings, and tail. 

Once it was finished Finn decided they didn't want to be a dragon anymore... But I reminded them that they were going to have a party at pre-school and that there would be princesses (Finn HATED princesses and liked being a dragon so that they could "eat them cause it's what dragons eat!) This seemed to change their soon to be 4 year old mind. And thus, we went adventuring! 

We went to the pre-school party, (no princesses where harmed...:) ). We trick-or- treated, and then we threw an epic "Fantasy Kingdom" 4th birthday party where Finn terrorized the townspeople.

We made this costume in 2009, it is still sitting in a bin in our home, as I can't bring myself to let it go. With that, we begin the wonderful Adventures of our creations! 


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