Monique's Owl

This furry creation is one of my favorite pieces ever! I was asked by a friend to create a beautiful owl hood with giant owl eyes. They wanted it for a mutual friend of ours and I was ridiculously excited to create something super fun, and unique for a lovely human! So I began creating Monique's owl.   

I started by creating the hood as I usually do, and then begun designing the lower portion. I knew from the start of this project that i wanted wings! It was an Owl after all! Then I decided that static wings just wouldn't do, it needed to be able to "fly". I had images of being a child, pulling my coat up over my shoulders and running. I wanted it to feel like that when wearing it! I also wanted it to be functional, and the "shawl" design can sometimes inhibit movement while frolicking. I decided that having something that could convert from "flying" wings to "resting" wings would be amazing. So I created ribbons at the end of each wing that could be tied around the wrist for "flying" and tied together in the back for "resting" It was the first hood, (and currently the only), that I have done that way! 

The next big design issue was how to get the giant owl eyes that are such a huge identifier for this creature. They had to be fairly durable, but they HAD to be big, and bold. After playing with a few different materials and ideas, I settled upon this one: 

The giant "google eye" look was exactly what this creation needed to fully come to life! The fininishing touch on Monique's Owl was the glowy lights in the hood. This is the magical extra bit that makes our light up hoods so much fun.


We handed the Owl off and away it went adventuring. The biggest adventure this amazing creation has been to thus far (that we know of), Is a local burning man festival known as Burn in The Forest, up in Vancouver BC Canada. It's a 3 day arts, and music festival with LOTS of costumes! Monique was kind enough to send us these pictures documenting her Owl's adventure. 

Thank you Monique for letting us create this amazing creature! 

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